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「CAR-T細胞療法の実態把握調査 2023」
Survey to understand the current landscape
of CAR-T cell therapy 2023




We conducted the fourth round of our well-received syndicated survey focusing on understanding the current status and challenges of CAR-T cell therapy for the first time in two years since 2021. The number of facilities offering CAR-T cell therapy has increased slightly, and although it is still a limited treatment, it has been firmly gaining ground as “a treatment option” aimed at cure among the treating physicians. The types and the number of target patients are also increasing.

Bispecific antibodies, for which marketing approval has been obtained in Japan, are expected to come into the market for a number of products down the road, showing promise. In this survey, the selective use of bispecific antibodies and CAR-T cell therapy was also explored.

Here ,we share a summary of the survey results, focusing on data that will provide perspectives on hematopoietic tumors in the future.

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