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「第8回 がんゲノム医療に関する調査」
Survey to understand  penetration of cancer genomics
,medicine/cancer gene panel testing



In June 2019, the former year of oncogenomic medicine, oncogene panel testing gained insurance coverage and began full-blown cancer genomic medicine. In order to understand the penetration of oncogene panel testing, the challenges that physicians face, and how cancer genomic medicine will reach patients in the future, we are conducting a variety of researches on this topic in Intage Healthcare.

This year, about four and a half years have passed since the acquisition of insurance coverage for oncogene panel testing. In the 8th research, we conducted an internet survey to understand the current status and challenges of cancer genomic medicine and future perspectives. We hope that it will be a reference when considering the penetration of cancer genomic medicine/oncogene panel testing in the future, and we will publish a summary of the survey results.

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